Me first, mom/wife second, and the rest follows

Well, I'm a happily married woman with two beautiful and terrific children who drive me crazy on some days and amaze me on the others. I am a student about to begin my nursing program this summer. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I am the oldest and like to think the wisest of the bunch, but they'd argue against that, surprising right? I enjoy reading almost anything that hasn't been assigned. I seem to put a mental block on all my school readings. Sad to admit, but so true!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Brain Farts

Have you ever had a "brain fart"? It's used when someone can't remember something (aka "senior moment" as my dad puts it) or when you've said or done something really dumb.
Today I put this term to good use. I had my whole day planned. I made arrangements with my dad-in-law to care for my son and pick up my daughter from school so I could study for my midterms. Did I study? NO! It seemed like everything I did took soooo much time to accomplish. Let me explain. My daughter woke up complaining that her legs were hurting (ongoing problem for her thin, active little body) so I massaged her legs and gave her some motrin. I kept her home until her meds kicked in. That took an hour and a half! Then on our way to her school my car started to "hiccup". That's when I noticed the gas light glowing steadily. How did I miss it??? So we turned around for the second time (the first I had to make sure my garage door was closed). As I prayed that we make it to the station, I pondered and hesitated for about 5 minutes on which station has the less expensive price per gallon (car hiccups again). I put in $4.00 because the station is charging $2.27 per gallon for the lowest grade and I know I can find a cheaper place. Done. So, off we go until my daughter states that she forgot her lunch. I turn the car around and realize that her lunch is right next to me! Brain fart! Next we got caught up in a welcoming crowd at one of the local churches. Hum, I wonder what is going on. We finally made it to the school. I signed in my daughter and took her to class. Empty. Dark. We spent 5 minutes looking for her lost classmates who we found on the grass outside for PE. Now that I'm hot and sweaty, my son runs off to play. I have 45 minutes to get myself together to meet my friend to study so I grab the little booger and drive off. Whew. Doesn't end there. I get home, grab my books, make a quick lunch for my son and run off. ( Yes, I remembered to bring my son). No brain fart! Remember the large crowd of people? I avoided the area and drove south instead of east. Now I'm thinking! Bad move, cops are all over and they have the roads closed except for the direction I'm going, but everyone is driving to a crawl. I called my friend to tell her I'm delayed. She already has left the library. Darn! So I tell her about the crowd and she explains that our troops are home after their tour in Iraq. Whoa, almost hit the car in front who has stopped. Quickly, I end my call and stop and watch the oncoming police cars with their flashing lights and sirens blaring. Next comes the troops, what a sight! I'm honking and my son is waving and they all wave back! Three huge trucks with about 20 men and women! What a wonderful welcoming! But the brain farts continue....

I got my son safely to his grandad and I head to to the university. Grumble....oh yeah, I remembered that I'm hungry and haven't had breakfast or lunch. I again (for the hundredth time) turn around and go home and eat MY lunch. I turn on Oprah and eat my lunch. Brain fart...little voice tells me I should be reading, not watching Oprah! So, I proudly turn off my tv and finish my lunch. Now, I have to decide what to do next, fill my tank with gas, go to the university, go donate my plasma (I actually considered this), shop, make my grocery list, do some laundry, sweep the floor. Arrghhhh! Major brain fart after brain fart. Focus I tell myself...focus on midterms. The rest of the day continued this way.
After an hour of looking for the cheapest gas station (again) and my car hiccupping (again) I head to the university, spend 30 minutes looking for a parking space, find one, realize I don't have change for the meter, leave to find a place that will give me change for a dollar, and finally, after making my way through the university's constuction maze, I made it to the university!!!!!
I told myself over and over that I wanted a "do-over" until I realized that I don't want to do this day over, I'm too pooped!
Hope you had a better "Fat Tuesday" than I did. I didn't even have the beer I promised myself! Oh well.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Music Appreciation 139

So...I enrolled in this class to fulfill the university's fine art requirement. I thought, easy class, easy A, no effort on my part. WRONG! I'm half way through the semester and so far I am doing well. Well for not having any musical/instrumental background other than the catchy phrase songs that I find myself cleaning to like, "My humps" or "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" or even "Baby hit me one more time"....good God, did I just admit to that?!? Anyway, my point is this, I never ever thought I'd find myself looking forward to attending this class. My instructor is pretty awesome and I enjoy his lectures, but I don't understand some of the conversations he and some of my musically talented classmates are discussing. You know how the teacher speaks in the Charlie Brown cartoons?? Blaah blaah blaah blob blob. That's what I hear during their conversations.

One of the course requirements is to attend two concerts, one being a mandatory classical concert and the other is my choice and write a two page concert report with my reaction to the experience. I attended two free classical concerts this weekend. Both were wonderful and I truly enjoyed myself. I had a bit of trouble identifying some of the instruments so I asked the gentleman next to me at the first concert if he could point them out. First he looked at me like I was an idiot, asked me if I was kidding, then frowned at me. I explained that this was my first symphony orchestra concert. He smiled and helped me out then proceeded to ask me if I knew what a piano and a guitar was. Oh well! Want to know what instruments I couldn't identify? Don't laugh. I confused the clarinet with the flute, the viola with the violin, and called the bassoon a buffoon. I'll get better at this I promise! Anyway, I loved the music and had a great time, but I won't give up my catchy songs!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Wow, am I really a blogger?

I am sitting here in front of my computer quite confused and wondering how on earth I got here in. It all started with the site, "Confessions of a Student Nurse." I became addicted to the site as she is so funny and honest with her feelings plus her site is truely educational for me as I head to nursing school this summer. I then linked over to the site of, "An X-Ray Tech Student in Phoenix," where I had to sign-up to get my comment published, and poof! Here I am, still confused. I have no idea what I am doing or if I am doing this right. I guess I will learn with time!

I should be studying right now for my mid-terms, I am in "blog land." I hope that this site will be useful to "vent" my frustrations, keep in touch with fellow bloggers, and receive friendly advice as well as keep in touch with family and friends.

Well, time to hit the books! I wish you all a happy weekend! Adios!