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Well, I'm a happily married woman with two beautiful and terrific children who drive me crazy on some days and amaze me on the others. I am a student about to begin my nursing program this summer. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I am the oldest and like to think the wisest of the bunch, but they'd argue against that, surprising right? I enjoy reading almost anything that hasn't been assigned. I seem to put a mental block on all my school readings. Sad to admit, but so true!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Deven!

Yes, happy Birthday to my mischevous son Deven! He turned 4 on Sunday and we survived his birthday party! No biting this year or melt-downs nor did he try to pull anyone's pants down (a whole 'nother story!!!!). Although it was just my dad, brother, sisters and nephew who joined us (my vital and much appreciated support system), we had a fun time.

Today is my youngest sister's birthday so "Happy Birthday Ana!!!" No party for poor Ana banana, I guess she FINALLY got tired of planning her own parties, something she did frequently as an ignored child (she really wasn't ignored, she wouldn't have that, she's just a bit of a diva!!)

Lastly, although I had one midterm left to study for, I managed to watch the Oscars. One question: What the hell was up with the green man, Ben Stiller? Did that make anyone laugh? Ok ok, I'll admit, I did (just a little all while asking, what the hell???) And I must give Jennifer Garner a hand for her "graceful" entrance. She looked amazing. Her dress was stunning (my hubby liked her "girls") and her smile was radiant! Not to mention she is soo funny! What a gal! What a pro, wonder what Jennfier Lopez thought??? Or should I even ask! ;-)


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