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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Parenting 101

I realize that most careers require some type of education. Heck, I question all the time why I need some of the classes that are a requirement for nursing. I won't ever use them! So then I wondered why aren't expectant parents REQUIRED to take parenting classes? I see parenting as the most responsible job ever! I know, some parents don't need these because they are wonderful and caring and being a positive influence comes naturally to them. I know ALOT of awesome parents. My intentions in this post are not to offend anyone! Let me explain my reasoning to post this.

Yesterday while I was driving I came to a complete stop during a steady flow in traffic, just as I was about to honk and yell at the two cars in front of me I noticed a older man yelling and waving his arms wildly at a bus. He was trying to catch it before it left his stop. Oh, ok I thought, but to my amazement I noticed a little boy who had to be as old as my son running about 20 feet behind his dad (now I am assuming this guy is his dad). The kicker is the little guy was running, alone, without the guidance of this guy right smack in the middle of the street near a VERY busy intersection and any vehicle WOULD have hit him if they turned onto that street. As we all watched in shock, the older guy stopped once the bus did and screamed at the little one to hurry up in a mean voice. The poor little guy was carefully holding something (probably hoping he didn't drop it and really cause the big guy to flip out) and was now trotting safely on the sidewalk. Not running, not walking....trotting with his little legs. His eyes watching the older guy. The people in front started to yell at this guy to help his kid out and all I could do was tell the little guy in my mommy voice "run, run, go get the bus, hurry hurry!" He smiled and picked up his pace, all while this jerk stood there yellling. The big guy didn't budge, he stood there tall and mightly giving the little guy the "eye." I mean he didn't run up to the little guy to pick him up or offer assistance to get into the bus which by-the-way stopped and waited!

Now I know this was a snapshot and doesn't give me the right to judge him. I don't know him nor know the circumstances during this shocking experience. So now I have the little cutie in my prayers and cross my fingers hoping that the rest of his snapshots are wondeful, happy, and healthy I felt helpless. Really, what else could I have done other than make the situation uglier. The guy was big and didn't seem to hold the daddy-of-the-year award.

I don't know how I will handle similar situations during my nursing career as I know there will some. Thanks for reading. I feel somewhat better, but now I will close so I can go give my son a big hug and tell him how special he is.


Blogger ArizonaDB said...

I have often wondered that myself. Why arent parenting classes required. although i dont really know which dept would enforce that law. But if nothing else they are a good idea. My wife and I often talk about the kind of parents we want to be. we worry about how we will know what to do and what is best for our kids. but then we see these perfect idiots with kids and and you think to yourself "my god, if they can do it, i certainly can. and do a better job, at that!". so i guess only time will tell. they say you are never totally prepared to become a parent and i accept that, but i sure as hell know that some people are a lot more prepared than others.

sorry, i got to rambling. :-)


2:25 PM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Hola my beautiful and intelligent older sister. I can imagine your heart hoing out to this lil' guy. I'm glad I wasn't there because we know how I can get. Anyway I agree with you- why aren't parenting classes required when we are expecting? I know I still need them. Well have a good one as now I will go and give my lil' hunky monkey a great bid hug and kiss. Tell the kids I LOVE THEM! Talk to you later.
Love your nice sister;)

7:22 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...

It's amazing isn't it? All the tests we have to have to drive a car or operate heavy machinery or even just travel around the world - yet people can just have kids and basically damage their lives immeasurably and unless there's a death or blood or some extreme tragedy of abuse - no one monitors anything.


5:18 AM  

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